You know your products’ worth, now learn how to price it.

  • correct-value
    Determine the correct value metric for your SaaS product, and what it means for your product growth.
  • pricing-triggers
    Learn tried and tested psychological pricing triggers, and how to make them work your business.
  • pricing-models
    Discover a variety of SaaS pricing models, and explore their strengths and weaknesses.

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If success is value, not volume, then it’s time to learn your products worth.

When it comes to SaaS product pricing, setting yours too low may discredit the quality of your product and lower the chances of boosting profit, while putting it too high might scare off potential customers unwilling to take the risk. Ultimately, monetization isn’t about simply sticking on a price tag, but instead involves the understanding of product, strategy and marketing position, as well as knowledge of your business goals and company processes.

Your customer will never truly understand the time, money and effort that went into designing your SaaS, while you will never be sure how much of your products’ potential they have discovered or are benefiting from. Pricing is often therefore the only common ground you both share, which is why it’s so important to get it right.

To assist you with this pricing process, we have created a comprehensive ebook, formed from over a decade of our own successes and experiences within the industry. This guide contains the most vital elements you must consider; from pricing pages and metrics to psychological triggers, it covers all the tools you’ll need to play - and win - the pricing game.

In our three-part ebook, you will learn that a pricing strategy is paramount for your SaaS success, and that if you want to unlock huge growth opportunities then it’s worth remembering success isn’t about volume, but rather value.